SULO group


The SULO Group has stood for innovation based on tradition for 120 years. Since the establishment of the company in 1892 by locksmith Fritz Streuber, SULO has been firmly associated with its long-established location in the Hanseatic city of Herford. Continuous investment and the constant expansion of our head office in Herford stand for a clear commitment to Germany as a production location.

The product and service range of the companies of the SULO Group is valued both nationally and internationally. Shaped by the East Westphalian mentality, values such as a pioneering spirit and innovation, quality consciousness, reliability as well as the principle of healthy growth are lived daily.


The social responsibility of the group of companies is reflected in the requirements for occupational safety, promotion of education and training, environmental protection concerns as well as uncompromising adherence to product norms. An express disassociation from corruption and full compliance with competition law are firm components of the vision of the SULO Group.


In addition, the international success of the SULO Group is based on thinking globally and acting locally. With the support of sales offices around the world, the SULO Group has steadily developed an understanding for customer needs and markets in recent decades. This has resulted in a basis of trust with the individuals concerned and, at the same time, for our product and service quality which has led to long-term and successful alliances.


The SULO Group has been integrated into the environmental division of the French listed Plastic Omnium group since 2007. The following companies are part of the SULO Group of companies:

As a pioneer in the branch, SULO has been working on the concept and optimisation of recyclable material collection systems and is currently a leading manufacturer in Germany and worldwide. With their headquarters in Herford and an additional production facility in Neustadt (Weinstrasse), the SULO group covers a broad range of activities, including the production of recyclable material collection systems for SULO environmental technology, the manufacture of industrial packaging for SULO packaging, the logistics services of WESTFALIA intralog and SULO Envicomp, a leading IT computer retailer for solutions in the recycling sector. The parent corporation of the SULO group, the listed French concern Plastic Omnium, generated an annual turnover of 3.65 billion Euros in 2010 with more than 18,000 employees at approximately 100 locations worldwide.

The headquarters and production site of the SULO Group are in Herford, Germany. One of the key factors contributing to the high quality of SULO bins are our highly qualified and well trained experts. Consistent personnel development and constant staff training ensure that SULO, the brand with a tradition, continues to be successful in the future as well.

You can find SULO bins in streets all around the world. A distribution and logistics network spanning the entire world ensures that your regional and national demands are considered in product development and that you experience excellent customer service and fast delivery times at your location.

SULO Umwelttechnik is a founding member of the quality control association for waste and recyclable material bins (Gütegemeinschaft Abfall- und Wertstoffbehälter GGAWB e. V.)

SULO Emballagen develops, produces and sells high quality sheet steel packaging solutions for the chemical industry. SULO Emballagen safely transports and stores hazardous goods, food and mineral oils. SULO Emballagen has two manufacturing locations: Herford in East Westphalia (head office) and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. In 2010, the production environment in Herford was completely modernised. SULO Emballagen now has the most modern steel drum manufacturing facilities in Europe.

SULO Emballagen’s strength is in the high level of automation in its manufacturing process which contributes to its high quality standards and, in addition, allows its just-in-time manufacturing to be managed very precisely and flexibly. SULO Emballagen supplements a product portfolio developed over decades, consisting of tight head steel drums, composite drums and open top steel drums, with an extensive service offering. As a partner in the chemical industry, SULO consults on all issues relating to filling, handling and transport as well as compliance with legal regulations.

A range of experience and capabilities in steel drum production acquired over more than 80 years ensures that SULO Emballagen is valued as a constant dialogue partner for metal packaging.

SULO Emballagen is a member of the metal packaging association (Verband der Metallverpackungen e. V.)

At the end of the 80s, SULO introduced the first system for identifying bins in Germany. The intelligent dustbin was born. In the early 90s, Envicomp was established, combining the technical departments of SULO and DASA in a new enterprise.

The identification and weighing technology is now firmly established in the modern recycling industry throughout Europe. As a pioneer in the industry, Envicomp is an important partner in the industry with branches in Germany (development in Herford and Senden) as well as in France (Nanterre and Lyon). Development competence in both software and hardware forms the core of Envicomp. Added value is created by integrated solutions in which software and hardware are perfectly matched to each other. Wertstoff Cloud, Smart Collection and Smart Equipment are the keywords that will entrench Envicomp‘s market-leading position in Europe in the future as well.

The sales activities of Envicomp Systemlogistik GmbH are carried out by the sales offices of SULO and Plastic Omnium.

Rotherm Maschinenbau GmbH has been part of the SULO Group since 2011. RMS develops and manufactures in Stadtlohn in the region of Münster. The enterprise was founded by the two brothers, Andreas and Egbert Rotherm, who still manage the company today. RMS has been very successfully established in the field of underground systems throughout Europe for more than 20 years. All of the products’ steel components are manufactured and assembled in Stadtlohn and delivered throughout Europe together with the concrete components.

The core competency of RMS is in the development and manufacture of specialist solutions. As the “haute-couturier” in underfloor systems suppliers, RMS can name references throughout Europe who have been extremely satisfied with the individuality and craftsmanship produced in Stadtlohn. A broad standard range completes the portfolio, thereby offering tried and tested, high quality products for every taste and technical requirement with an appropriate price-performance ratio.

The sales activities of Rotherm Maschinenbau GmbH are carried out by the sales offices of SULO and Plastic Omnium.

A second area of business is the development and manufacture of materials handling technology. This includes equipment for forklifts such as tipping containers, lattice box turners and dustbin dump trucks as well as material handling systems for heavy component storage or the storage of long goods. Systems for handling steel drums round off the product range.

Sales are directly processed via the contact partners in Stadtlohn.

WESTFALIA intralog is one of the largest providers in Germany in the field of swap body logistics. Since its establishment in 1983, WESTFALIA intralog has continuously developed itself and firmly established itself in the swap body logistics sector with an inventory of more than 1,000 mobile warehouse solutions. WESTFALIA intralog is both an internal logistics service provider for the SULO Group and the environmental division of Plastic Omnium as well as an external logistics partner for well-known companies.

With branches in Herford (head office), Essen, Lohr and Tettau, WESTFALIA intralog has an excellent presence in Germany. In addition, the company’s core competence includes individual logistics concepts, for which the employees of WESTFALIA intralog are well-known. The strength of WESTFALIA intralog lies in its people, who meet the challenges of the vibrant shipping business on a daily basis.

WESTFALIA intralog’s reliability is the measurable criterion that is decisive for the success of the collaboration. In addition to qualified and committed employees, WESTFALIA intralog can rely on its well-established and long-term ties with cooperation partners.